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Baicells Owl CPE

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    The Owl CPE from Baicells is a small device that can turn existing Flower coverage into wired or wireless connectivity when paired with a Pollen SIM (included). Owl's introduce a new way for users to get onto the Pollen Mobile network and for small, medium, and large businesses—as well as everyday people—to provide connectivity where they need it. 

    Owl's are new additions to the Pollen ecosystem and only a very small number are available for public purchase as part of the early Beeta program. 



    What can an Owl be used for?

    Owls are great for providing wireless or wired connectivity to devices that don't have a 4G / LTE modem, but have wifi or ethernet. For example, laptops, Raspberry Pi, smart doorbell, and similar devices.

    Do Owl's earn any rewards?

    Owls are a type of "bird" in the Pollen ecosystem, and as such, they do not validate the network but simply consume it. Owls earn 1 PIC per day for attaching to the network.

    Do Owls work indoors or outdoors?

    Depending on the model of Owl you are purchasing, they can be used indoors and outdoors. Regardless, both can be used to connect devices like laptops, smart household appliances, Raspberry Pis, etc. to the Pollen network.

    How can Owls be used by businesses?

    Owls are a great way to extend the reach of an existing Pollen Flower deployment by allowing more nearby devices to get online. For example, a hotel with a Flower on its roof can setup an Owl nearby to extend Pollen coverage to guests using only wifi.

    Why is the Owl in Beeta?

    As of November 2022, the Owl is a brand new offering in the Pollen ecosystem. We're rolling it out slowly and also working with partners on a few different pilot programs. More information coming soon!

    I have an idea for the Owl! Hoo do I contact?

    Contact us at and we'd love to discuss your ideas for utilizing the Owl.