eSIM Setup

  1. Your Pollen Mobile eSIM was delivered to you via email as a QR code. To get started, scan the QR code from your phone and follow the prompts. Depending on the phone and version you're running, the prompts will be different, but a few things to call out: 
    • Add Pollen as your Secondary plan, not your Primary.
    • You'll be asked to give your new network a name. We recommend "Pollen" or "Pollen Mobile."
    •  After you've added Pollen successfully, edit the Access Point Name (APN) to say "pollen."

Restrictions for eSIMs—

The following issues are known restrictions for accessing and using the Pollen Mobile eSIMs.

  1. The eSIM can not be loaded onto a "Carrier Locked" phone (e.g. the only SIM allowed on your phone is from the carrier you bought it from)
  2. The eSIM can not be added if you've already added an eSIM to your phone.
  3. Coverage will vary widely! We recommend using the eSIM to test out the network and watch it grow. If you're stationary and close to a Flower, you can use Pollen reliably. If you're moving around the city (e.g. driving on the phone), we recommend your Primary network.

Verified Phones

The following is a list of phones and OS versions that we are actively testing eSIMs on.

  • iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14
  • iPad Mini, iPad Pro
  • Google Pixel 6

When testing out new phones, make sure your phone supports adding an eSIM and supports band 48. Also please make sure your phone is not carrier locked.