Setup Your Dandelion

    1. Connect the power cords to the AGW and Flower 
    2. Connect ethernet cord to 'NETWORK' on the AGW, with the other end to your internet source (router/switch) 
    3. Connect ethernet cord to 'eNB', with the other end to the Flower's 'WAN/IPOE+" port 
    4. If the eNB is connected to both power and internet properly, the PWR and ACT LEDs should be solid green and the RUN LED should blink slowly.
Dandelion Setup


    Confirm Signal Strength—

    To confirm the strength of your Flower’s coverage, setup your Pollen eSIM and then follow these steps:

    1. Go to ‘Settings’> ‘Cellular’>‘Cellular Data’
    2. On your phone, dial the following: *3001#12345#*, then press call
    3. A screen will appear with the title “All Metrics”. Tap the right list menu icon. 
    4. Under ‘RAT’, press ‘Cell Info’
    5. Bookmark the metrics ‘PLMN’, ‘CellID’, and ‘RSRP’ by tapping on the bookmark icon
    6. Go back to the Dashboard screen, tap the ‘Home’ button
    7. From this view, you can see your Flower’s metrics. Change your location from the Flower to test the strength from different spots. RSRP shows the signal strength, typical ranges are -44 (good)  to -144 (bad).