Moso Bonzai FAQ

Do I need any special permits to install a Moso Bonzai?

You do not need any special permits to install a Moso Bonzai. As an indoor Flower, this is a great option for a home or business to provide reliable LTE connectivity.

Can I have more than one Moso Bonzai at my location / on the same IP?

Yes! Moso Bonzai's utilize Greenhouse—Pollen's gateway in the cloud—and are fully compliant with our IEPS, a Pollen-provided service that further encrypts communications and moves the Internet Egress Point from the ISP to the IEPS provider, preventing any actor from intercepting data or running network data analyses.

Are Moso Bonzai's safe?

Moso Bonzai's are manufactured by MosoLabs. These radios are FCC certified commercially available radio that uses the CBRS frequency band, at 3.55-3.70 GHz, which is far from ionizing radiation. The radios are fairly low wattage (~1W). For comparison, a cell phone can operate at up to 3 watts of power in the same frequency band, while sitting closer to you than our radios normally would.

How do I receive rewards?

Your Flower receives rewards when it is "seen" by Bumblebees and Honeybees  (we call this Proof of Coverage). To receive rewards for your Flower, you will need to have linked your Solana wallet address to the NFT for your Flower. 

How do I claim my Moso Bonzai NFT?

Upon receiving your Moso Bonzai in the mail, scan the QR that is etched on top to access the Botanist. From there you will be able to setup your device, view its health, and claim your NFT.

What are the hex limits for the Moso Bonzai?

Based on our initial testing, we've set the Moso Bonzai max hex amount to 6. We will continue to look at the data and make any adjustment as necessary.

I need help! Who can I talk to?

We're here for you! You can visit to read through our help articles or submit a ticket for our support team.