About the Bumblebee

Emergence Edition Bumblebee

Bumblebee 4 Specs: 

  • Linux device with AM3358 ARM processor, 4GB Flash storage, and 512MB RAM
  • Integrated Siera Wireless MC7411 LTE modem, Taoglas 600-6000MHz 4G/5G antennas with 60% efficiency and -98dBm sensitivity in the CBRS band, and SIM card
  • Integrated Ublox Max-8 GPS/GLONASS chip (-166dBm sensitivity) with Taoglas patch antenna
  • Requires 10W power supplied through USB-C


* Bumblebees must upload their coverage on a daily basis in order to earn daily rewards. You must connect to a Flower by 4pm PST every day for a solid 5 minutes to ensure validation is transmitted.