Grow Wild

Introducing Greenhouse, the next evolution in the Pollen network: lower costs and simpler technology.

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse moves the Pollen network gateway from hardware to the cloud. The result? Lower costs. Simpler setup. More reliable technology.

Lower Costs

It's simple. Less hardware = lower costs.


Most Flower setups will consist of simply plugging them in.


Reduces complexity and potential points of failure.


How does Greenhouse work?

Greenhouse is the next evolution of the Pollen network. It brings the mobile core from hardware to the cloud, drastically reducing the complexity of setting up Flowers.

How do I setup my Flower in Greenhouse?

To setup your Flower in Greenhouse, you will connect your Flower to power and internet, and allow it to complete an autoconfiguration process. More details on setup will come with your purchased Dandelion in Greenhouse unit.

Can I connect my other Flowers to Greenhouse?

As of July 2022, Greenhouse is in Beeta mode and only Flowers that are specifically configured to Greenhouse will run on Greenhouse. We will rollout Greenhouse more fully later this year, and at that time other Flowers as well as Flowers running hardware will be able to come on board.

What happens to the Flower(s) I own with hardware gateways?

Flowers with hardware gateways will not be affected and should run normally. Greenhouse is in Beeta and will roll out to all Flowers in the future.