Dandelion FAQ

What’s the best position for my Dandelion to maximize range? 

The Dandelion is an outdoor Flower. We recommend placing it outdoors on a pole, or suctioned to a window facing outwards. 

Are there any materials that will interfere with the signal?

A mesh screen on your window will interfere with the signal. Additionally, foliage can interfere. The best placement is a high up location that is generally unobstructed.

How much power does the Dandelion consume?

The Dandelion + AGW is expected to consume around 22 watts.

How do I receive rewards?

Your Flower receives rewards when it is "seen" by Bumblebees and Honeybees  (we call this Proof of Coverage). To receive rewards for your Flower, you will need to have linked your Solana wallet address to the NFT that is etched onto the top of the Flower. This needs to be done prior to delivery. 

We recommend the following wallets: Phantom, SolFlare, and Slope.

How do I link my Flower to my Solana wallet?

After you place your order, you'll get an email with a link to a Registration Form. Fill that out by providing your Order # and Solana wallet.

Remember: you need to do this prior to delivery as hardware will not ship without an associated account. 

If no Bumblebee or Honeybee connects to my Flower, will my Flower still earn anything?

The Flower needs to have connections to earn PCN each day. Every Bee-Hex connection (subject to limits to prevent gaming) earns credits that are used to determine how much PCN are earned from that day's Incentive Payments pool. 

I need help setting up my Dandelion. Who can I contact?

Send an email to support@pollenmobile.io and we'll get you squared away.