Buttercup FAQ

What is the best location for placing a Buttercup?

A flat surface that has access to internet and power, that has good visibility to the surrounding area is an ideal location for a Buttercup.

Do I need any special permits to install a Buttercup?

The Buttercup is considered a Class B radio and it requires installation by a Certified Professional Installer (CPI). During installation, your CPI will record the latitude and longitude of your Buttercup and enter this into a database called a Spectrum Access System (SAS) which allows your Buttercup to operate freely.

How can I find a CBRS CPI?

Pollen has a list of recommended installers who can help you get your Buttercup setup, and you are free to handle the installation on your own to get it set up. However, in order to get it registered with the Spectrum Access System (SAS), you will need someone with a CBRS CPI to complete your registration, so you will need to contact us at support@pollenmobile.io to provide the necessary information to register your Buttercup.

Can I move my Buttercup after installation?

Yes, but you will need to do it through a CPI so that the record with the SAS can be updated. If you move your Buttercup on your own, it's possible that it will not work or be shut down.

Should I be concerned about EMF or other health risks?

Your tower is equipped with Baicells NOVA436Q radioswhich is an FCC certified commercially available radio that uses the CBRS frequency band, at 3.55-3.70 GHz; which is far from ionizing radiation. They are fairly low wattage (for example, Buttercups that are mounted outdoors, use a 1W radio). For comparison, a cell phone can operate at up to 3 watts of power in the same frequency band, while sitting closer to you than our radios normally would.

How do I receive rewards?

Your Flower receives rewards when it is "seen" by Bumblebees and Honeybees  (we call this Proof of Coverage). To receive rewards for your Flower, you will need to have linked your Solana wallet address to the NFT that is etched onto the top of the Flower. This needs to be done prior to delivery. 

We recommend the following wallets: Phantom, SolFlare, and Slope.

How do I link my Flower to my Solana wallet?

After you place your order, you'll get an email with a link to a Registration Form. Fill that out by providing your Order # and Solana wallet.

Remember: you need to do this prior to delivery as hardware will not ship without an associated account. 

If no Bumblebee or Honeybee connects to my Flower, will my Flower still earn anything?

The Flower needs to have connections to earn PCN each day. Every Bee-Hex connection (subject to limits to prevent gaming) earns credits that are used to determine how much PCN are earned from that day's Incentive Payments pool.

Can I add multiple Flowers to my Buttercup base?

We've tested up to 10 Flowers on a single Stem. That said, we have to have a mapping between the Flower and the Stem for the Magma core and that is currently a manual process, so right now we don’t have a way to onboard new Flowers onto Stems. We will support this feature in the future. 

If you purchased a Dandelion, you are welcome to affix it to your Buttercup base but you'll need to use both AGWs.